wu: tgl: change of name and progress

Hey guys!

I am here to update you on The Griffin Lord. Recently, I decided to have three main character instead of one. This should answer Joking Koala’s question, which I took the liberty of putting below.

I think you should write it in 1st person, since there are a lot of unique feelings and expressions that cannot be shown in 3rd person. 1st person, while more difficult, can help really show your characters’ personalities and feelings better.

Well, Joking, I now have three characters that start from different places, and thus I need things from their point of view. If I choose one character to use 1st person with, that limits unique feelings and expressions from other characters, and it also limits it to one character’s perspective. You did bring up good points, though.

That brings me to a point of this post. I need to figure out a better name than The Griffin Lord. Even though that title is cool, now that I have three main characters and not one,  I need to change it. I’m thinking something like Heirs of Terradorn, or perhaps Give Us Liberty or Give Us Pizza! (the latter is not gonna happen, trust me)

I would also like to report that I have made lots of progress. I am working on the 9th chapter (including the prologue), but I have other chapters after the 9th chapter that I am done with their first draft. The point is that I’m speeding along here. At least for me, length of my book is not a concern. For now. Later, when I’m done, I might find I need to add more substance and maybe a subplot to throw in there just to add depth and length, but for right now, I’m good. I think my book is evenly balanced between training, fighting, trekking, talking, loving (yes, there is a bit of romance), the element of Mr. E, and other things. I just hope all my readers agree. (if I ever get readers…I sure hope so)

Well, I believe that is it. Tonight I’m going to some talent show or something to watch Page sing a jazzy song. And later we’re good food!

Live and justify,


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