wu: sorry AGAIN and more brainstorming

As you can see, in the title of this post I only have “wu” instead of the normal “wwu.” Can you guess the reason? Because my first “Weekly Writing Update” was on November 8th, and this, my fourth update, on the 11th of December. So I changed it to “Writing Update.”

You might ask, “What have you been doing while you HAVEN’T been writing ‘Weekly Writing Updates?'” Well my answer is, “Reading, brainstorming, school, traveling, and hiking on the Great Wall of China for my seventh time!”

I started a new trilogy called the ‘White Lion Chronicles’ by Christopher Hopper. I’m less than half-way through the first book, but I’ve been speeding up my pace stating yesterday. It is neat so far, but sometimes the monologues get a little crazy, but not bad for Hopper’s first book! Better than any of mine!

Yes, I have been doing more brainstorming. Boring, huh? Well not for me. You see, I’ve been coming up with alot of good and fun ideas for my next book and more. I have a file on my computer (an Apple laptop, of course) titled StoryInfo.pages. On it I have lists of information of complete fiction. My story that I am thinking of still focuses on Greek mythology, and more ideas are just flooding in every day.

School, good ol’ school occupies much of my day. Algebra, biology, Chinese, writing, reading, and what you public schoolers call ‘social studies’ clogs up time from 6:00 AM to 1:30 PM. That leaves a decent amount of time for the other stuff.

Traveling to Beijing took about a week. As you may not know, my family and I live in Inner Mongolia, an overnight train-ride away from Beijing. But we traveled, and I saw my good ol’ friends.

And while we were there we hiked on the Great Wall for my seventh time.

So all told, I am very busy, but please forgive my lack of proper scheduling.

Suffer, but never die.



One response to “wu: sorry AGAIN and more brainstorming

  1. Drade, I was going to indignantly tell you that I wasn’t a public-schooler, when suddenly I realized that I am no longer homeschooled…

    I was homeschooled from Pre-K to 12b, but now I’m in college! What is this? I may need to go home and rethink my life…

    Totally understand the lack of time. Your whole “suffer-but-never-die” thing … well, that’s another story.

    I hope your writing projects go well!


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