wwu: gw: idea stage progress and help needed


Just wanted to let you know that I am in the brain-storming process for another book. TAS’s (The Alchemist’s Son‘s) ideas will still be kept, but a new book, a book who’s title is still unknown, is being brain-stormed.

This story involves soaring griffins, clawing dragons and impaling unicorns. It takes place in a fantasy island in a fantastical world. On the island, three realms spread across the land: Dragaton, Griffiden and Unia. They are in an alliance, but when the alliance is broken, only the Prophecy of Old can help them. Fly on griffin-back across the Endless Woods, through the Western Mountains and over the Black Desert. Glide on the air-chariots through the lantern-fruit orchards and into the heart of battle. Steal into a den of griffins and into a den of rebels.

Who will bring balance back to the alliance of three countries?

What will be the end?

War, but the wings will fly over all.

Come back next week for more mysteries.

One more thing. I will give the same invite as I did last week for helping me. Make a character. Make a setting. Comment about it, and it just might go into a published story.


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