wwu: tas: idea stage progress & help needed

Greetings, loyal blog-readers!

I am here to tell you about a new book I’m writing. That’s right. A new book. Let me first give you an introduction of my writing so that you aren’t lost.

I have liked to write since I was…ten maybe?… Well, most of the books I wrote have been fantasy, like medieval elves and dwarves fantasy. The first book I actually finished (I think) was called A Pirate’s Journal, which wasn’t exactly a fantasy like that, but I thought it good at the time. Of course, now I look back on it and think that is is ridiculous. Another book I finished was Life Vs. Death, a book about a hundred pages long. Again, I look back at it an think it is lame. The reason that I don’t finish books often is because I used to never plan ahead. In my most recently finished novelette, Heir of Elves, I planned a bunch ahead and it turned out to be quite a success. I had a while editing plan and everything after I finished the first draft.

But then I read some more, and my standards raised.

I looked back at my book, and I realized some of my faults in my writing and long-story-short, I realized writing fantasy is not my thing. I mean, I love fantasy books, but it may just not be my good writing topic.

So I thought. I read. I thought. I read the novel Sky Riders by Christopher Hopper. I thought. I came up with a new idea. Steam-punk. Steam-punk, FYI, is sorta a type of sci-fi technology, using brass, copper and things powered by steam. I think it’s neat, and I remembered an old idea I had a long time ago about an alchemist’s son. In the idea, the alchemist is not trying to make gold, but he alters molecules and atoms for a living.

I’m not gonna tell you all of it, but I am in my Idea Stage. I sit around at my awesome desk and think. I think about the plot, subplots, characters, settings and other writing elements. That is where I need you!

I need everyone willing to make a character, setting or event to make a character, setting or event! For my story! I will put your name in the acknowledgments, of course, but it would be a great help! I will say that I will use one setting, character or event in my story from the ones given, but I might tweak it a little to fit the story. I know it will be hard, since you really have no idea what my story is about, so that’s why I think a character or setting is best. Keep in mind that the character must have lots of detail for him/her, and he/she will be a soldier. Remember, it is in a steam-punk world! For the ones making settings, it is pretty much whatever you want. Just nothing too modern and nothing too ancient.

May the steam be with you

Drade (that’s my pen-name)

(P.S. WWU1 stands for Weekly Writing Update One, while TAS stands for The Alchemist’s Son)

(P.P.S. Leave your ideas in the comments below!)


2 responses to “wwu: tas: idea stage progress & help needed

  1. I have an idea for a character. The character is a skilled thief, and can acquire anything in the steam-punk universe. However, the character is very dangerous, and all of his “merchandise” comes at a high price…


    • Thanks, Joking Koala! The steam-punk story might be a little slow, for I am also working on another book including griffins, dragons and impaling unicorns, but I still will try to fit you idea in my steam-punk story, the Alchemist’s Son. Thanks! I already can imagine how he looks. . .

      Keep brain-storming!


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