Friends Leaving China

By the time I finish writing this, they should be about three-fourths done with their plane ride. They meaning by some of my best friends in the entire universe of earth. They recently left China and I am deeply saddened by that. Many tears were shed, from my family, other people here and me. I decided to write a little paragraph for each of them, just to show how much they have made an impact on me.


I appreciate all the time you spent with me in ripstiking, weapon-crafting and just plain having fun. You really helped me be able to close the computer and go play outside. You say I’m a quick learner, but I would of never reached the point where I’m at without your motivation, friendship and constant beatings when I do it wrong. (just kidding about the last part! :P) No matter how hard I try, i don’t think I’ll ever be faster than you, but it was still very fun racing with you!

I also want to say a quick thank you for all four of those ripstiks. I hope you do not mind in me saying that I gave the red one to Naomi and Elis(z)ibeth.


Thank you Peter for being my friend, despite the large difference in age. You have a perfect balance of teasing and complimenting (unlike me; I just tease) and I enjoy that. It has been really fun making Rock Monster Rampage, Project Suds and other Dr. Garlic/Dr. Gene stop motions and pictures.

Now Peter, you asked me to take a picture om me wearing your old had, and here it is:

Photo on 2013-04-29 at 18.22 #3

Just like you shouldn’t go around wearing a fedora, I shouldn’t go around wearing this.


John, thank you for the friend you’ve been. I had fun with the, erm, fun we’ve had with both Daniel and Peter. I apologize that Nob didn’t spend much time with Al, but he had a tight schedule, so I’m sure he can explain that.

I’m also sorry that I never got to give you those sheets of decal paper. I hope those Nob ones that I did give you will hold out long enough without some other annoying friend coming over and bending the legs like I did.


Since I’m not that good with complimenting in the first place, I hope I made of for most of it here. I really hope that I made as much as and impact in your life as you did in mine!

Enjoy your time in America and make new friends, write more blog posts and keep ripstiking!

Your hopefully memorable friend,



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