Complicated Random Post

Here is a short fun thing I wrote. If you don’t know every word, go to this link to find the definitions. As you see, I’m have a adoxography.

Attack by the Yeti

To understand this, here is the prosopography of the main character:

Fred is a pyknic and kyphorrhinos and has a gossypoboma in him. He is fuscoferuginous and is also a true eccentesiast. His dactylion is clithridiate and he has a callipygean. He has a brevirostrate.

This is his description:

He tachyphagias and a sphallolalia and is sgiomlaireached. He is a quidnunc and a philosophunculist, and has onychophagy. He is a misodoctakleidist and always described himself as lethologica. He often is inaniloquent, hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian and hamartithia.

Here is the story:

Fred heard the psithurism and the brontide in the distance form the heavy wind. Then he saw it. It was ventripotent, ulotrichous, steatopygic, sciapodous, saprostomous, a nidorosity, a nelipot,  jumentous, liked cleptobiosis, and was a batrachophagous!!

It was the YETI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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